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Firsty offers a basic global data connection for free


Traveling can make SIM cards complicated. Many countries require different or native SIM cards (see if we support your country). There is no need to visit a store to install a SIM card. You can now travel anywhere without a hassle. Easily switch between carrier plans without changing the SIM card. Firsty gives free eSIMs to anyone that downloads the app. Save time and headache with a one click install.


It depends on if your phone manufacturer and if they included an eSIM-compatible option. We have created a list of devices that are compatible with eSIM. Read more about compatibility by visiting the blog.


With Firsty Free you will have access to a free eSIM with 60 minutes of refillable cellular data by watching one short ad an hour. The capability of the plan will give users a basic connection to use the necessary apps while traveling like WhatsApp, email, Google Maps, ride shares like Uber, FaceTime, and online calls. Most people use Firsty Free to budget travel and connect to stable towers. Those who need a stronger connection  switch to Firsty Fast and pay by the day. Learn more about Firsty Fast



fair ‘n square

Enjoy a basic connection for free allowing you to whatsapp, message, and email globally. Speed it up for fair pricing.

fuss free


Automatically connect to the best available network. Never switch a (e)SIM while traveling.

first class


Be flexible in your usage. Use data wherever and whenever you like without the risk of roaming charges by choosing a custom plan.

What are customers saying about Firsty

July 16, 2024
How is this free?
I’ve never heard of a free eSIM and cellular company until I found Firsty. It’s a good option for those who are looking to save money and connect to the internet.
July 7, 2024
Recommend for solo travelers
I’m a college student and I’ve been backpacking around Europe. I found Firsty and it helped make everything simple for me. The free plan was perfect for me.
July 10, 2024
Installing was so easy
I was worried at first about losing my prior SIM card and cellular plan, but with Firsty you can keep your other plans. Super easy to setup as well.
July 12, 2024
Came in Clutch
I ran out of data on my trip to Europe. I was stuck in a city I didn’t know and I was worried. Firsty was clutch and got me home safely in an Uber.
July 16, 2024
Just switch already
I love this app. My friends are mad that I get the best connection. No more crazy roaming costs from popular providers. Just switch tbh.
July 9, 2024
Great customer service
I wasn’t sure my phone supported eSIM at first so I contacted customer service and they helped me right away. There is helpful blog on this on their website.

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firsty Team

"So thankful to have such a great team."
We strive to have a good work life balanced culture here. We are located in the heart of Amsterdam, and are always improving Firsty for users all over the globe.
Vince Vissers
Co-Founder and CEO
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