About Firsty

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Why does worldwide mobile data have to be all weird? It’s like the turbulence starts the moment you touch down. Those data bundles are super expensive, but it’s either that or pay the price later in the form of a sky-high phone bill. And sometimes they make you switch (e)SIMs, which is not only a pain, but also means people can’t reach you on your regular number. So yeah, worldwide data roaming is a whole mess. There’s gotta be a better way to stay connected.

Hi, we’re Firsty, with us, you’re automatically connected to every provider on the planet. One world, one connection. Because if you ask us, mobile connectivity is a basic human right. No matter who you are or where you’re going. That’s why Firsty offers a basic global data connection for free. We’re here to level the playing field, prioritizing people instead of profits. True worldwide mobile data for all. About bloody time, right?

Our simple app gives you a free first-class connection wherever you are . Set up once and you’re done. None of that SIM switcheroo stuff, so your mom can reach you at your regular number. And if you want a faster connection, level up from Firsty Free to Fast. You’ll pay 60 times less than you would for your typical international data bundle, plus you can use your credit for as long as you like. And the catch? There isn’t one. Because we have access to most providers on the planet, That’s how we keep our prices nice ‘n low. As they should be.

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