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Telecom Startup Firsty Secures €1.1M Pre-seed Funding to Reshape Consumer Market for Global Mobile Data

- Founded by ex-Adyen Technical Product Managers Vince Vissers and Gauthier Thierens
- Investors include Marcel Smits, ex-CFO KPN and Godert Vinkesteijn, ex-CFO KPN Mobile along with Patrick Stal, former head of marketing at Uber and N26
- The Firsty mobile app offers travelers instant and seamless access to cross-border mobile data connectivity without ever having to switch (e)SIMs or data plans
- Firsty provides a freemium service that stands in sharp contrast with the excessive roaming cost that is currently still the norm in the industry
- The beta version of the Firsty app will be launched across Europe, UK, Turkey, Switzerland, and the USA in January 2024. Global coverage will come available throughout the course of Q1 2024

Amsterdam, January 10th 2024 - Amsterdam-based technology startup Firsty aims to reshape how consumers access cross-border mobile data connectivity. The company is building a customer centric solution to compete in the under-served, overcharged retail market for global mobile data. The company has successfully closed its pre-seed growth funding of €1.1 million, led by former senior executives at KPN, Marcel Smits and Godert Vinkesteijn, along with former head of marketing at Uber and N26, Patrick Stal.

Founders Vince Vissers and Gauthier Thierens saw an opportunity to disrupt the telecom industry in a similar fashion as Adyen did with payments, by building a tech-first product that prioritizes customer needs above everything else. The funding will be used to fully develop and launch Firsty’s product and drive its mission to make mobile data connectivity accessible to everyone across the globe.

Co-Founder and CEO Vince Vissers: “Mobile connectivity is becoming a necessity to human progress at a rapidly accelerating pace. However, when traveling across borders, people still encounter unexpectedly high roaming bills, endure a time-consuming search for local (e)SIMs or grapple with unclear and expiring data packages.

At Firsty, we believe that profits should not come from untransparent fees, but from satisfied users. By removing complexity in our offering and prioritizing people over profits, we aspire to make global mobile connectivity accessible for all.”

Firsty’s Approach to Solving a Real World Problem The global roaming tariff market is expected to reach USD 110 billion in market size by 2028, but is currently still dominated and monopolized by big telecom providers. Historically, consumers have been facing longstanding issues surrounding cross-border mobile data usage, often finding themselves navigating through a maze of expensive data bundles, confusing international plans, and the hassle of switching (e)SIMs.  

As a one-stop shop for worldwide connectivity with a simplified user interface, Firsty is changing the game for travelers, expats, and anyone seeking a reliable mobile experience on-the-go. Firsty will operate as a freemium service, committing to a free baseline with its ‘Firsty Free’ product so customers will never face unexpected costs while having access to an instant data connection for essential services.

For those seeking a high-speed connection for remote working, mobile streaming, gaming and more, Firsty offers an upgrade to ‘Firsty Fast’. The premium service remains significantly more affordable than traditional telecom plans, in some cases up to 60x cheaper than incumbent telco brands. With the added flexibility of using purchased data for multiple trips, Firsty Fast delivers a superior mobile experience without the hefty price tag.

One World, One Connection Firsty integrates with key regional telecom providers to unlock global connectivity for its customer base. Users will automatically connect to the best available local provider based on their location, without the need for manual configuration.

With access to almost every mobile provider on the planet, Firsty has a unique position to negotiate favorable terms, keeping prices low and transparent. Users can trust that there are no hidden catches, just reliable, cross-border mobile data at prices that make sense. Firsty’s product remains the brand interfacing with customers at all times, allowing them to get insights into their connectivity and select their preferred plan (Free or Fast).

Co-Founder and CPTO Gauthier Thierens: “Thanks to the flexibility of eSIM technology, consumers are no longer restricted to a single provider. Firsty customers effortlessly stay connected worldwide through our application, which automatically switches providers in the background without any disruption to the customer. Firsty Free empowers our users to keep a lifeline of connectivity, through which they can stay in touch with their loved ones and enhance their data speed instantly without having to look for a WiFi hotspot.”

Backed by Industry Leaders Firsty's commitment to transforming mobile connectivity has attracted key industry players to join its board, including former senior executives at KPN and the former head of marketing from Uber and N26. With the investment from these key individuals, Firsty is backed by technology, telecom as well as commercial expertise, which will bring a wealth of experience and strategic insight to propel Firsty to new heights.

Angel Investor, Marcel Smits: “Investing in Firsty’s platform is more than a strategic financial opportunity, it's the chance to support the next generation of mobile data connectivity from its infancy. What excites me about Firsty is that its core mission signifies an unwavering commitment to put customer satisfaction at the top of its priority list.

Angel Investor, Patrick Stal: “Cross-border mobile data connectivity has the potential to be the biggest and most positive change towards a truly global digital world in our generation. I believe that Vince, Gauthier and the growing Firsty team have the capacity to become pioneers, combining a visionary and pragmatic approach while championing disruption of a traditional industry. I am thrilled to partner with Firsty and support their journey.”

About Firsty Why is international mobile data such a hassle? Firsty is on a mission to make mobile connectivity accessible for everyone, regardless of their location. By offering a simple, global data connection through an easy-to-use app, Firsty is changing the game for travelers, expats, and anyone seeking a reliable mobile experience worldwide by offering a simple, global data connection through an easy-to-use app. Firsty was founded in 2023 by ex-Adyen Technical Product Managers Vince Vissers and Gauthier Thierens and is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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