API Solution

What it means to be a Firsty API Partner:

As a Firsty API Partner, we’ll provide you with our brand and product assets to sell Firsty’s global eSIM on your site. Our setup is easy and our pricing is standard across the globe.

Currently, Firsty only does payments in app and not through the website.

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Who are suitable partners?

You are a good fit if you are:

Operate a site or app selling travel or travel ancillary solutions to your customers - e.g. OTAs, airlines, hotels, ground transportation providers, travel ancillary services, or travel service aggregators.

Operate an eCommerce platform offering connectivity products to your customers.

Why choose Firsty?

Unique benefits of being a Firsty Distribution Partner:

Integrate our eSIM plans directly into your website, or app, through our easy to use APIs and provide the best travel connectivity solutions to your customers.

By partnering with Firsty, you’ll be offering the best eSIM solution to your users with the fastest connections, powered by one global eSIM.

A 24/7 Support team and pre-built brand assets for you to utilize.

Easy to integrate partner API.

What do we need?

Looking for something more custom?

It there’s another partnership option you’re looking for, or if you just need clarity on an existing partnership option, drop us a line at support@firsty.app and we will be in touch.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us.

Please share the information requested below and our team will be in touch soon.

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