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What do we offer?

Dedicated partner
manager to support
your organization.

A channel for
incremental revenue while providing your customers with peace of mind.

Marketing support
with assets and an account manager

Technical expertise - integration and
product support.

Access to real-time analytics dashboard to monitor usage.

Unlock revenue with
access to new products
and features.

Distribution Program -

We offer resellers the opportunity to join our mission of providing accessible worldwide mobile data for all, empowering them to offer our solutions to their customers. Through our reseller program, partners gain access to our cutting-edge technology and competitive pricing, enabling them to deliver exceptional value to their clientele while earning attractive margins.

We provide comprehensive support and resources to our reseller partners, ensuring a smooth and successful collaboration. Together, we're revolutionizing the way people stay connected around the globe, one partnership at a time. Join us in transforming the future of mobile connectivity.

API Solution

Firsty is excited to announce the launch of our partner page and upcoming API solution. This API will allow partners to seamlessly integrate Firsty's flexible eSIM services into their own platforms.

With the API, businesses can offer their customers access to global connectivity with Firsty's day-by-day data plans, ensuring reliable and affordable mobile data for travelers.

This integration aims to enhance user experience and expand connectivity solutions across various industries.


For enterprises with employees who frequently travel, partnering with Firsty offers a game-changing solution for ensuring seamless connectivity no matter where they go. Our global connectivity platform empowers enterprises to provide their traveling employees with reliable internet access, enabling them to stay connected, productive, and efficient while on the move.

With Firsty, employees can effortlessly access emails, collaborate on projects, attend virtual meetings, and stay connected with colleagues and clients worldwide, all without the hassle of dealing with expensive roaming charges or unreliable networks.

Our partnership with enterprises goes beyond connectivity, as we offer tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures and security protocols, ensuring data privacy and compliance at every step.

By partnering with Firsty, enterprises can enhance the travel experience for their employees, boost productivity, and drive business success in today's connected world. Join us in revolutionizing the way enterprises approach global connectivity for their traveling workforce.


We're bringing you the ultimate eSIM solution that transforms mobile connectivity for travelers. Imagine offering your audience seamless, day-by-day data plans that eliminate the hassle of switching eSIMs and dealing with complicated data packages. It's all about flexibility, affordability, and staying connected effortlessly.

So, if you’re a blogger who’s always on top of the latest tech trends, a content creator with a loyal following hungry for innovation, a travel enthusiast who’s got the digital landscape down, or an online entrepreneur with an audience craving connectivity, we want you! Join us and be part of the future of travel tech with Firsty. Let’s make staying connected as cool and effortless as it should be.

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