How To Avoid Roaming Charges When You Travel

February 15, 2024

Tired of dealing with hefty roaming charges every time you travel abroad? We hear you. Let's dive into why roaming charges are a thing of the past and how you can avoid them.

Understanding Roaming Charges

Roaming allows you to stay connected when you venture outside your mobile provider's coverage area. However, using roaming services often comes with steep charges, including data usage fees, text message costs, and call rates. These charges can quickly add up, leaving you with a hefty bill at the end of your trip.

Here's a breakdown:

  • Data Roaming: using the internet, apps, or streaming while abroad incurs charges per unit of data.
  • Text Roaming: sending or receiving text messages comes with a fee for each message.
  • Call Roaming: making or receiving phone calls has charges per minute, often with an additional connection fee.

Depending on your plan, roaming charges apply when you travel to new regions or internationally. The exact fees vary by provider and location.

Why Roaming Charges Are So Expensive

Roaming charges stem from agreements between your home mobile provider and foreign carriers to provide service in different regions. These agreements involve additional fees for international usage, currency conversions, and other expenses, which are ultimately passed on to you, the consumer.

How to Avoid Roaming Charges

  1. Rely On Wi-Fi: while Wi-Fi hotspots are a convenient option, they're not always readily available, and connecting to unsecured networks can pose security risks.
  2. Purchase a Roaming Plan: some mobile providers offer daily roaming plans or add-ons that allow you to use your domestic plan abroad for a fixed fee. However, these plans may have limitations and can still be costly.
  3. Turn Off Data Roaming: disabling data roaming on your device can prevent unexpected charges, but it also limits your connectivity options to Wi-Fi networks.
  4. Buy a Local SIM Card: purchasing a local SIM card at your destination is a cost-effective solution, but it requires finding a reliable vendor and  swapping out SIM cards, which can be inconvenient.
  5. The Ultimate Solution: Firsty's eSIM.

The Firsty eSIM = Your All-In-One Global eSIM Solution

Here's why it's the perfect choice for travelers:

  • Seamless Global Connectivity: install the Firsty app and get online in just minutes, no matter where your travels take you. 
  • Effortless Setup: simply download the app and automatically have a global connection wherever you are. Unlike traditional eSIM providers, Firsty offers a single eSIM solution for the entire globe, eliminating the hassle of switching (e)SIMs every time you change countries.
  • Free Access to Essential Services: when you download the Firsty app, you immediately experience seamless connectivity with Firsty Free. Enough to book that last-minute taxi, or send important emails. Or even make an online call, without the hassle of searching for Wi-Fi when entering a new country.
  • Quick Upgrade to Firsty Fast: the premium, paid version of our app. Upgrade and gain instant access to high-speed internet in over 200 countries and regions.

Get the app today and unlock seamless connectivity wherever you go!

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