Mastering SIM Card Switching on Your iPhone

January 3, 2024

Embarking on another international escapade? Before you jet off, make sure you're well-versed in the art of switching between SIM cards on your iPhone. At Firsty, we believe in fair and accessible data roaming for everyone. While we automatically connect you to every provider on the planet, we understand the need for flexibility when it comes to changing SIM cards. Here's your comprehensive guide to seamlessly switch between SIM cards on your iPhone, ensuring you stay connected.

What To Know Before You Switch SIM Cards on an iPhone

Switching SIM cards on an iPhone is a straightforward process, but a few key points deserve your attention:

  • Unlock Your Phone: Ensure your iPhone is unlocked, especially if you intend to use a third-party SIM card. If your device is carrier-locked, explore third-party alternatives to unlock it and enjoy the freedom to choose your international data plans.
  • Data Backup: Unlike some smartphones, iPhones don't store contacts, apps, and data on the SIM card. Your information is securely backed up to cloud storage, ensuring you won't lose crucial data when switching SIM cards.
  • Nano-SIM Card Compatibility: All current iPhones since 2012 use a nano-SIM card. Be mindful of this when purchasing a SIM card abroad, as other devices may still use micro-SIM cards.

How To Remove a SIM Card From an iPhone

Follow these steps to effortlessly remove your SIM card from your iPhone:

  • Insert the SIM-Eject Tool: Use the provided SIM-eject tool, paperclip, or even a straight-back earring to gently press into the pinhole next to the SIM card slot until you feel a click.
  • Remove the SIM Card: The tray will pop out; gently remove the SIM card from the tray. Store it safely, and you're good to go.

How To Add a SIM Card to an iPhone

Adding a new SIM card to your iPhone is just as simple:

  • Open the Tray: Turn off your phone, open the tray using the SIM-eject tool, and pull it out fully.
  • Insert the SIM Card: Place the new SIM card into the tray, matching the clipped edge with the slot. Ensure a straight insertion and avoid touching the gold part of the SIM card. Slide the tray back into the phone until it clicks.

How to Switch Between eSIMs on an iPhone

For a hassle-free alternative to physical SIM cards, consider using eSIM technology. Here's how to effortlessly switch between eSIMs:

  • Purchase Your eSIM Data Plan(s): Explore the eSIM store for your desired destinations, purchase the plans, and load them onto your iPhone for later activation.
  • Add a Cellular Plan to Your iPhone: Follow the installation instructions received upon purchasing a plan. Tap "Cellular Plan Detected," then "Continue," and finally, "Add Cellular Plan." Repeat for multiple plans.
  • Easily Switch Between eSIMs: Navigate to "Settings," tap "Cellular/Mobile Data," and select the plan you want to use. Tap "Turn On This Line" to activate the chosen eSIM.

Tired of Switching SIM Cards? Discover a Simpler Alternative With eSIMs From Firsty

While switching between SIM cards on your iPhone is possible, why bother with the hassle? At Firsty, we've teamed up to offer eSIM plans that simplify your mobile data experience. If you own an iPhone XR or newer running iOS 12.1 or later, explore the world of eSIMs and stay focused on your adventures, not on fiddling with tiny hardware. Shop Firsty’s eSIM plans now and embrace a seamless, connected journey.

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