Top 25 April Getaways

March 7, 2024

Your ultimate guide to safari, sun and skiing escapes.

April offers the best of all worlds. Early summer getaways await in southern Europe, while the Alps offer prime spring skiing thrills. Urban adventurers can enjoy sunny city breaks. Plus, it's the ideal time to witness awe-inspiring natural wonders. Whatever your vacation style, April has you covered. April has something for everyone, whether you're chasing the sun or planning a quick getaway for a long weekend.

To make your choice easier, we’ve put together this handy guide to the 25 best places to visit in April.

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1. Crete, Greece

Temperature in April: 20°C high; 11°C low

Season: spring

Visit Crete, Greece, in April for pleasant temperatures ranging from 20°C during the day to a cool 11°C at night. As the southern most Greek island, Crete enjoys warmth even in the spring. April is a fantastic time to explore without the summer crowds. Relax on beautiful beaches like Elafonisi, which are usually less crowded now. Explore the island's authentic side by venturing to its southern areas, where you'll find charming villages and delicious local food. Enjoy scenic mountain drives and savor the tranquil atmosphere of Crete in the springtime.

Crete - Pexels

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Temperature in April: 11°C high; 4°C low

Season: spring

Discover Amsterdam's vibrant King's Day celebrations on 27April, where the city bursts with orange-clad revelers filling the streets, parks, and canals. Experience the Dutch zest for life amidst colorful crowds and festive cheer. April also brings the peak season for tulips, with breathtaking displays of vibrant blooms adorning the city and surrounding areas. Take a short trip to Keukenhof, one of the world's largest flower gardens, to witness stunning rainbow-colored landscapes. And when it comes to accommodations, Amsterdam offers a variety of options, from stylish design hotels like The Hoxton Amsterdam and Soho House Amsterdam to cozy brunch spots like Little Collins, serving up delicious potato waffles and kimchi Bloody Mary's. Don't miss the chance to dine at De Kas, nestled inside a greenhouse, for a unique farm-to-table experience.

Amsterdam - Pexels

3. Cyprus

Temperature in April: 23°C high; 10°C low

Season: spring

Looking for some sunshine in Europe this April? Cyprus is the place to be! Whether you want to relax on the beach or go for a hike, this beautiful island in the Mediterranean has something for everyone. Along the coast, you can enjoy warm weather perfect for swimming, while inland, April brings lush greenery and blooming flowers. It's the ideal time to explore Cyprus and soak up its natural beauty.

Cyprus - Pexel

4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Temperature in April: 33°C high; 21° low

Season: Summer

Dubai is a sunny paradise all year round, but April brings warmer weather. If you wait until after May, hotel prices drop due to the heat, making April the ideal time to visit. Spend your days relaxing at beach clubs or by the pool, then enjoy jacket-free evenings exploring the lively marina. Dubai's dining and hotel scene is always evolving, with new renovations and Instagram-worthy spots popping up everywhere. Don't miss hotspots like Zenon, Signor Sassi, and Eugéne Eugéne for a taste of Dubai's culinary delights. And make sure to check out The Lana, a stunning new hotel by the Dorchester Collection with its iconic pink doors.

Dubai - Pexel

5. Ibiza, Spain

Temperature in April: 20°C high; 11°C low

Season: Spring

Before the wild parties kick off, consider visiting Ibiza a few weeks earlier for a different experience. Explore the island's authentic charm without the bustling crowds. Enjoy warm temperatures ideal for beach activities and leisurely evening walks. Ibiza isn't just about the parties; it boasts quaint beach towns and villages worth exploring. For a quieter escape, head north to discover secluded beaches and rugged landscapes away from the hustle and bustle.

Ibiza - Pexel

6. Marrakech, Morocco

Temperature in April: 23°C high; 11°C low

Season: spring

Marrakech isn't always scorching. Despite its African location near the Sahara, winters can be chilly, and those beautiful tiled floors don't provide much warmth. Here's a tip: wait for spring, the best time to visit Morocco. That's when it starts to warm up, allowing you to enjoy relaxing days by the pool in a light kaftan instead of bundling up in layers. Spring also brings the hillsides to life with almond blossoms, fills the city with vibrant colors, and casts intricate shadows in every courtyard.

Marrakech - Pexel

7. Lisbon, Portugal

Temperature in April: 19°C high; 11°C low

Season: spring

Lisbon is the ultimate destination for a fantastic weekend escape (or more). With its lively social scene, delicious food spots, vibrant arts and design districts, and picturesque historic sites, there's something for everyone. You can stay in charming old palaces turned into hotels and enjoy rooftop bars with pools overlooking the city. And the best part? It's incredibly affordable! While Lisbon is great to visit any time of the year, April stands out with its sunny days and streets coming alive with springtime charm.

Lisbon - Pexel

8. Thailand

Temperature in April: 30°C high; 26°C low

Season: dry

Looking for a lively celebration that's wetter than the Full Moon Party? Try Thai New Year, known as Songkran! Lasting five days in mid-April, it's a massive water fight where locals and tourists soak each other in the streets. Koh Samui is a popular spot for this fun tradition. But if you prefer a more relaxed experience, consider Kamalaya, a peaceful wellness retreat run by monks. Or treat yourself to the luxury of the Four Seasons, where private infinity pools offer a quieter way to enjoy the festivities. Check out our guide to Thailand's best islands for more ideas.

Koh Samui - Pexel

9. Turkish Coast

Temperature in April: 21°C high; 10°C low

Season: spring

April is the time for a getaway along the Turquoise Coast, even before the summer crowds descend. Locals from Istanbul know the secret: head there in April for sunny days and blooming coastlines. Explore charming spots like Bodrum, Datça, Fethiye, or Kas, where colorful bougainvillea decorates fishing villages against the backdrop of blue-painted balconies.

It's also the prime time to trek the Lycian Way, a 500km trail offering stunning views and ancient sites. With pleasant temperatures and wildflowers in bloom, you can wander ancient paths, explore quaint villages, and discover hidden coves accessible only on foot or by boat. It's the perfect outdoor adventure before the busy season begins.

Bodrum - Pexel

10. Seville, Spain

Temperature in April: 24°C high; 11°C low

Season: spring

In spring, Seville, with its saffron hues, bursts with energy and excitement. Walk its ancient streets perfumed with orange blossoms and witness lively parades: first, the solemn Holy Week processions with brass bands, then the colorful Feria de Abril, filled with music, dance, and flamenco. Don't miss a side trip to the Costa de la Luz for sunny beach days, the warmest on mainland Spain in April.

Seville - Pexel

11. The Nile, Egypt

Temperature in April: 29°C high; 16°C low(Cairo)

Season: spring

Egyptomania is back in full swing, reminiscent of the 1920s heyday. Recent events, like the centenary of Tutankhamen’s tomb discovery and the opening of the massive Grand Egypt Museum in Giza, have reignited interest. Kenneth Branagh’s remake of Death on the Nile adds to the excitement. Enjoy classic Nile cruises aboard charming old-school boats. April is your last chance to sail from Cairo to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, all the way to Aswan, before the weather becomes too hot in the south.

The Nile - Pexel

12. Florida, USA

Temperature in April: 28°C high; 17°C low

Season: spring

Florida, dubbed the sunshine state, really shines in spring and autumn. It's a fantastic pick for April vacations, offering perfect weather for beach outings or outdoor fun. With sunny days and comfortably warm temperatures, it's great for exploring mangroves, going on outdoor adventures, or soaking in Miami's vibrant art scene. Whether you're on the lookout for alligators, exploring ranches, or just chilling on the Gulf of Mexico's beautiful beaches, Florida has something for everyone.

Florida - Pexel

13. Coachella, California

Temperature in April: 27°C high; 13°C low

Season: spring

In April, it's the ultimate spot for seeing and being seen. Even if you're a tad tired of trust-fund babies flaunting denim underwear and apache headdresses, the festival lineup often makes it a top global event. Another perk? You can easily add on a side trip to the retro party hub of Palm Springs. Dive into poolside fun at the Ace Hotel and Swim Club, famous for its Coachella pool parties, then immerse yourself in mid-century modern design bliss at the historic Sunnylands estate.

Coachella - Pexel

14. Toronto, Canada

Temperature in April: 12°C high; 4°C low

Season: spring

Toronto, Canada's bustling metropolis, is a vibrant hub for business and culture, all while maintaining that quintessential Canadian politeness and cleanliness. But those long, harsh winters! As April approaches, the city starts to thaw, and cherry blossoms burst into bloom, especially in central High Park, where paths are lined with delicate, candy floss-colored flowers. Explore Toronto's revitalization further at The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), now housed in a repurposed five-storey aluminium factory. Don't miss wandering through the charming indie shops and restaurants of the Distillery District, once a Victorian whiskey distillery complex. And for dinner, treat yourself to Cluny Bistro's culinary delights –perhaps truffled chicken or crispy wild boar?

Toronto - Pexel

15. Naples, Italy

Temperature in April: 18°C high; 9°C low

Season: spring

If you were intrigued by Elena Ferrante's novels about Naples or hooked on HBO's My Brilliant Friend series, you'll be eager to explore this authentic Italian city. Naples, unlike the bustling tourist hubs of Florence or Venice, offers a genuine taste of Italy. Its streets are alive with colorful street art adorning historic buildings, while family-owned workshops craft beautiful leather gloves along its narrow lanes. Pause for a classic Spritz in one of the inviting piazzas, where pizzas are made following traditional methods with thin crusts. Explore museums housing stunning artwork by Caravaggio and wander along the scenic Lungomare promenade for some relaxing people-watching. April brings mild temperatures, making it the perfect time to soak up Naples' charm before the summer heat sets in.

Naples - Pexel

16. Zambia

Temperature in April: 25°C high; 15°C low

Season: dry

Zambia might not be as famous as places like Botswana or Tanzania, mainly because of rough roads and expensive travel options. But if you're up for it, this African destination is a real treasure. Check out the stunning Victoria Falls, known locally as 'Mosi-oa-Tunya' or 'the smoke that thunders'. In April, when the dry season begins, you'll get a clearer view of the falls as the spray settles. Then head to South Luangwa National Park, where you can see lots of wildlife without too many other tourists around. Finally, relax on a luxury houseboat on Lake Kariba, where you can spot animals like the Big Five right from your deck.

Zambia - Pexel

17. Bali, Indonesia

Temperature in April: 31°C high; 23°C low

Season: dry

Planning a trip to Bali during the busiest times might sound daunting, but here's a tip: consider going in early April before the Easter rush. Despite some downsides like crowded beaches and lively backpacker scenes, Bali still retains its charm. Take Canggu, for example, a laid-back area with a bohemian vibe and beachfront cafes perfect for digital nomads. Enjoy healthy smoothies and delicious veggie bowls at places like Shady Shack, and if you're lucky, find a cozy suite at The Slow, a trendy boutique hotel. Don't forget about Ubud, which offers a mix of spirituality and luxury. Start your day with a cleansing ritual at Tirta Emou water temple, then treat yourself to a fine dining experience at Locavore, known as one of Asia's best restaurants.

Bali - Pexel

18. Charleston, USA

Temperature in April: 20°C high; 4°C low

Season: spring

Charleston is often called the best and friendliest city in the United States. Spring is a great time to visit before the hot summer arrives. You can enjoy jazz in the French Quarter, eat fresh oysters by the sea, and admire the colorful houses on Rainbow Row. In April, there's the Festival of Houses and Gardens, where you can explore some of the city's most beautiful homes. It's a wonderful chance to take a look inside these amazing houses.

Charleston - Pexel

19. Bolivia

Temperature in April: 17°C high; 4°C low

Season: wet

In April, Bolivia says goodbye to its rainy season, making it a magical time to visit the famous salt flats. The weather becomes better for 4x4 tours, and the flats transform into a stunning mirror as they partly fill with water. You can embark on a memorable four-day tour, passing by smoking volcanoes, a beautiful red lagoon filled with flamingos, and deserts with rock formations resembling Salvador Dali's art. Afterward, head to La Paz, the chic capital. Treat yourself to innovative local cuisine at Gustu, a restaurant by Noma's Claus Meyer, and enjoy craft cocktails with native spirits at Atix, a modern hotel offering breathtaking views of the Andean slopes.

Bolivia - Pexel

20. Texas, USA

Temperature in April: 27°C high; 15°C low

Season: spring

Spring in Texas offers pleasant weather withdaytime temperatures in the comfortable high 20s, clear blue skies, and abustling outdoor scene. After the SXSW crowds disperse from Austin, the citymaintains its vibrant atmosphere with live music and exciting events. In Marfa,ideal for exploring Donald Judd's expansive installations and land art, theweather is just right for outdoor adventures without the harsh desert sun. Fora unique stay, consider lodging in a vintage van or airstream at El Cosmico.

Texas - Pexel

21. Zermatt, Switzerland

Temperature in April: 16°C high; 4°C low

Season: spring

As the coast heats up, the mountains stay cool. Spring skiing is a great idea, especially if you're more into the après-ski scene than hitting the slopes. But where's good to ski in April? Zermatt is a top pick. It's high up and stays snowy all year round, with machines to keep the slopes in good condition. April is quieter and cheaper than peak times, so you won't have to wait for lifts or battle crowds at the bar. Plus, you can enjoy sunny lunches outside on the terrace.

Zermatt - Pexel

22. Namibia

Temperature in April: 26°C high; 13°C low

Season: wet

In Namibia, you'll find sunny skies almost every day, with just a sprinkle of rain. April brings pleasant temperatures around 24ºC, perfect for exploring this vast and peaceful land. The Skeleton Coast offers striking views, while Etosha National Park teems with wildlife, including four of the big five animals and many birds. Don't miss Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert, where you can see stunning red sand dunes surrounding a saltpan. For the best experience, visit at sunrise or sunset for breathtaking views.

Namibia - Pexel

23. Cuba

Temperature in April: 27°C high; 19°C low

Season: dry

Looking for sunny getaways? Consider Cuba for guaranteed sunshine. March and April offer the best weather, with dry conditions and temperatures ranging from a comfortable 19ºC at night to a pleasant 29ºC during the day. With the holiday rush over, prices are reasonable, making it an ideal time to visit. Explore the vibrant streets of Havana, then head to the pristine beaches for some relaxation on Caribbean shores with a lively Latin atmosphere.

Cuba - Pexel

24. Paris, France

Temperature in April: 14°C high; 5°C low

Season: spring

Who doesn't love Paris in spring? It's always magical, just like Audrey Hepburn said. Right now, as the city warms up and flowers bloom in the Tuileries, it's extra special. Locals are shedding their winter coats for fresh Breton stripes, enjoying the sunshine. You can relax by the Canal Saint-Martin, maybe with a Gauloise, or take a leisurely stroll along the Seine at golden hour, hand in hand with someone who shares your love for Paris in springtime.

Paris - Pexel

25. Madeira, Portugal

Temperature in April: 20°C high; 14°C low

Season: spring

In April, the beautiful island of Portugal's archipelago, located 450 kilometers off the coast of Morocco, comes to life with colorful blooms during its Flower Festival. With a mild subtropical climate year-round, April offers ideal weather for outdoor adventures. You can explore lush green forests, hike to stunning waterfalls, climb volcanic peaks, or trek along scenic cliff paths. Additionally, April presents fantastic opportunities for marine enthusiasts, as the surrounding waters are home to a variety of whales and dolphins.

Madeira - Pexel

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